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The site is composed by more than one section and is viewable in more than one language. This, like the big majority of graphical tricks, has been achieved by using frames and JavaScript that are therefore higly encouraged. For the same reason it is preferable not to open the links in a new window.

If you are using frames-enabled version, the top of the window contains two rows of "matrices". The one in the upper left corner do page translation "on the fly", while the ones at the right link to the site sections (among which the Home page). On the left, instead, there is a navigation menu different according to the section; it can contain the section logo and/or the related index. In any case, a minimal navigation bar appears at the end of every page.

The graphics are inspired to Darkover, a planet with a red sun the great fantasy and science fiction writer Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote about, and in particular to the so-called "matrix screens", blue gems that amplify mental powers. On Darkover the most precious metal is copper.

Have a good time surfing the site!

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