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S'dia shaya!

Maybe you Terrans don't know anything about that little world you call Cottmann IV (that is, the fourth planet of Cottmann star).

Yet, many years ago the Terrans themselves installed on it the first little colony, during the first Space expansions. In those times space travels were still unsure and several ships were lost in Space-Time folds.

It was one of these ships who landed on Darkover.

Soon, our ancestors, by coping with an alien and dangerous world, forgot their origin and developed a civilisation alternative to yours.

But Darkovan civilisation is not less advanced. Instead of technology, we use powers that you refuse or forget by calling them with the name of magic; you noticed it when you rediscovered Darkover and tried to subdue it to Terran Empire!

There is still a lot to know about Darkover. In this site you will be able to

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